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About Us

Hey Hobby is your answer on how to keep your hands busy, mind engaged and soul fulfilled. 

Created and brought to life by Holly Murphy in 2021, Hey Hobby was born in a time of lockdown as Holly saw many of her friends, family and colleagues look for creative ways to spend their time outside of endless Netflix binges and phone scrolling. 

Holly also craved a little creative nook all of her own that didn’t rely on her phone or tv. 

It’s here that she remembered the simple joy and pleasure she felt from her time spent revelling in hobbies as a young kid growing up in the UK. 

But where do creative and curious adults find hobbies which are fun, curated and well…..not daggy?

Enter Hey Hobby! 

We’re all about curating and creating hobby kits which are perfect to gift yourself or a loved one. 

We’re essentially a new wave of self care which allows you to get in touch with your inner creativity. Hey Hobby is all about connecting you to the simple pleasure of using your hands and mind to create something of your own from start to finish.

Each Hey Hobby kit is made with a sense of playful adventure - no hobby should be a chore.


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